Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bernini's Medusa

Notice how the hair erupts
in a muscle of snakes
combing her hair like fingers
writhing in marble (Carrara, for preference),
a cruel crown anointing the guilty head
of the woman who committed fornication in Minerva’s temple.

We take the point of view of the offended goddess
(we blasphemers and idolators of time).
the artist’s skill
in making Medusa seem fleshlike in the stone.

In her face we can see the memory of the sweetness
her lover gave her at the foot of wisdom’s altar.
If only passion, if only love, were enough . . .
Her eyes lunge at the horror now blinding her.

Please press the pause button.
After you have looked to your full content,
you may move on to number 8 in the exhibition.

(Don’t listen too long for her screams, or you’ll turn to stone.)


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